4 December 2020

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Video and interactive training works best. Time is a valuable commodity to security awareness professionals, which is why phishing reporting and management needs to be simple, fast, and comprehensive. Phishing Awareness. Access a wide library of free videos covering core security awareness topics - from phishing to physical security. Employee Conditioning for Resiliency Against Phishing. Before we go deeper into the security awareness training aspects, let us look at some glaring phishing statistics.. You can learn about how to Fight the Phish by watching these videos on phishing awareness: Employee Conditioning for Resiliency Against Phishing. Try Our Phishing Simulator Contact Our Team A few companies that utilize our phishing simulator. Cofense Reporter. Phishing emails are generally disguised as free prizes, legitimate services (e.g. Barracuda PhishLine gives you the option to create a completely customized program or opt for the Quick Launch process to get an awareness campaign up and running in under a minute. In three minutes, learn how LUCY can support your organisation in the fight against so-called social hacks. Email Kacy; Connect on LinkedIn; Shaggy’s chart-topping hit from 2000, “It Wasn’t Me,” has made a comeback. The Cofense Video Gallery provides a firsthand look at Cofense and our security awareness and incident response expertise. Features and Benefits. Free phishing awareness training. Version: 4.0 Length: 0.5 Hours. Their mainstay: computer-based training (CBTs). i Information This interactive training explains what phishing is and provides examples of the different types of phishing, to include spear phishing, targeting specific groups or individuals, and whaling, targeting senior officials. Phishing awareness training for employees is finally fun with Curricula. Kacy Zurkus News Writer. Employees were then educated on the risks … Stay aware of best practices and for more information on complete anti-phishing training solutions for your organizations visit us here. The Ongoing Threat of Phishing and Returning to the Office. Our Phishing test is publically available and is completely free of charge to encourage online training for phishing security awareness. Test your phishing knowledge by taking our Phishing Awareness Quiz. Your CBTs aren’t enough to improve phishing awareness. Vulnerabilities specific to the organization were demonstrated via anonymized versions of prior incidents. Detection. Awareness. But do your users have the knowledge they need to spot fraudulent shipping notifications, malicious links, and other phishing attacks? Protect Your Users From Holiday-Themed Phishing Attacks There’s no doubt that cyber criminals will take advantage of the surge in online shopping this holiday season. Phishing is still an extremely common attack vector directed at individuals and organizations alike. What started with the infamous Nigerian Prince scam has evolved into sophisticated, near-identical replicas to branded business correspondence, from Google asking for a password change to PayPal offering a free $5. Take the quiz to see how you do. March 2018. With the best human-vetted phishing intelligence out there, Cofense can help your team avoid a breach and better manage your security operations. We developed four di erent ones (three presenting the content using text, one using video and one using interactive email examples). Bite-sized & jargon-free With short attention spans and a hectic workload, we've kept these videos short, concise and actionable for your users. Partners; Blog; Community; Contact; Products. Phishing Awareness- New SMS Phishing Awareness Video. But watching videos only proves that employees know how to click “Next” until they’re finished. But we take a more holistic approach to raising cyber awareness, especially in our phishing awareness training module. … The Importance Of Security Awareness Training. Set to the song’s tune, the video … GLS Team 2020-06-08T14:10:08-04:00 August 8, 2014 | With realistic messages posing as your bank, trusted company, or personal contact, many fall victim to these targeted phishing attacks. Quick Launch simplifies security awareness with an easy 5-step click-thru setup, proven curated testing and training content, and efficient, automated reports. Streamlined Employee Computer-Based Training. Cyber Security Awareness and the Healthcare Sector. DHS S&T's Cyber Security Division Director Douglas Maughan shares how you can protect yourself from a phishing … Sure, our modules include unforgettable cyber security videos. … Assess Users With Real-World Lures . Without adding to your time or workloads, we educate your employees and keep them vigilant. Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. As you’ll see on display in this newest security awareness video, ransomware is an especially dangerous consequence of falling for a phishing attempt. Ongoing Vigilance. We provide training materials in the form of short and inspiring security awareness videos that help you inform your employees of possible dangers. Partners; Blog; Community; Contact; Products. Cofense LMS. As employees prepare to return to the office, cybercriminals have been quick to take advantage of the situation, leading to a surge in phishing attacks. substituting a local URL and/or logo for the systemwide one provided). It encompasses key items like policy management, simulated phishing, user surveys, blogs and eLearning. We incorporate real-time feedback for both employees and security leadership. Level-up your phishing tests with an exciting new gamified experience you and your employees will love. Read Article. A modern security awareness campaign lasts for at least 12 months and is focused on the key risks that the organisation is currently facing. Simulated Phishing Attacks and Knowledge Assessments Interactive Training, Videos, and Materials Phishing Email Reporting and Analysis Business Intelligence Multinational Support Integrations. Emirates NBD, a bank in Dubai, in conjunction with the Dubai Police, adapted the lyrics and produced a video rendition as part of a cybersecurity awareness campaign. Real Threats In Real Time From Employees. Video Gallery; Phish Scale – A New Paradigm for Phishing Email Awareness 11/19/20 . Phishing attacks are one of the most dangerous security challenges that both individuals and companies suffer to keep their data safe. Our content is ready to deploy on your intranet or internal learning software. Phishing Awareness Toolkit. Phishing Awareness Videos If reading isn't your thing, don't worry, we've got you covered. https://www.sans.org/security-awareness-training/video-month measures to replenish the employees’ phishing awareness and knowledge after receiving not significant results for the first time after the tutorial. Awareness . It provides role specific content that is engaging and relevant to the user. Cofense LMS. Simple Phishing Toolkit provides an opportunity to combine phishing tests with security awareness education, with a feature that (optionally) directs phished users to a landing page with an awareness education video. Mimecast phishing training is part of the Mimecast Awareness Training program that uses highly entertaining video content to engage employees in security awareness. Fully Managed . Ongoing awareness exercises: Throughout the year, as well as in advance of annual training, various awareness exercises, like phishing simulations, may be conducted. Dangers of phishing. Watch Our 2-Minute Explainer Video. Moreover, there is a tracking feature for users who completed the training. Materials in this toolkit are available to the entire UC community. Launch Training . Most phishing attempts are conducted over email. Though phishing as activity began in the 1990s, it continues to gather steam to become the most prevalent form of cybercriminal activity for about eight years in a row. Dubai Bank Invokes Shaggy in Awareness Video. Cofense PhishMe. Having watched our video, participants in our evaluation were able to detect phishing messages significantly more reliably right after watching the video (compared to before watching the video). This phishing campaign sends emails claiming to be a training notification from a legitimate cybersecurity awareness company with a link that, if clicked, directs the user to a phishing site to steal credentials and other information. A brief video about the dangers of spear phishing; An infographic teaching employees how to spot a phishing email; A web-based interactive mini-course about how to prevent phishing ; A how-to guide for running successful simulated phishing campaigns within your organization; FREE RESOURCE Get your Free Phishing Toolkit. We integrate phishing tests alongside phishing training modules. It doesn’t really tell you if they can apply what they learn and identify phishing emails. Phishing Training can be Fun with DeeDee . Determine future assessments and target training needs by user. Can you spot when you’re being phished? You need more than cyber security videos to combat cyber threat. All copyrighted elements are the sole property of its specific owner. Ransomware is software that locks down data by encrypting it and won’t be unlocked through decryption until a ransom is paid. Upon closer examination, the common characteristics of phishing emails can be identified. Too often, awareness programs only seek to satisfy compliance requirements. This paper reports on how we responded by developing and evaluating a condensed phishing awareness video that delivered phishing awareness more efficiently. Employees can be targeted specifically in the hopes of acquiring their credentials for company portals, VPNs, or systems. These emails will include links or attachments that come with malware or that prompt users to enter in personal data. SANS Phishing Simulation Tool provides digestible, visual dashboards for you to build and manage campaigns in minutes. In this short video you will learn how security awareness training and phishing simulations can turn your employees into a human firewall. Cyber Security E-Learning. To protect yourself from ransomware: Unfortunately, the sptoolkit project has been abandoned back in 2013. The phishing awareness training opened with an introduction to the topic, which included threat statistics specific to the organization and an explanation of common vectors (such as emails with phishing links leading to bogus look-alike sites). For small and medium sized businesses we also provide a simple, hosted learning platform enabling you to be up and running in a matter of minutes. Cofense PhishMe. See the phishing threats that are slipping by your secure email gateway -- for FREE. Researchers also developed their own "reminders" in order to "replenish the employees' phishing awareness and knowledge," which they used to … Additional materials are also provided for those looking for a wider variety from which to choose or modify. PhishingBox, LLC. Identifying phishing can be harder than you think. Professional security awareness training, suitable for all employees and available in multiple languages. Items marked "Grab-and-go" are intended to be quick and easy to use or customize (e.g. Phishing Emails.

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