4 February 2017

How HGTV is fooling us all!


Many people watch HGTV and are amazed at the renovations that are demonstrated on shows such as Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and so many more. We watch as someone buys a fixer upper and gets the home remodeled for ‘X’ amount and it only takes 4-8 weeks for that ugly house to turn into a dream home. This makes for great TV but it’s false depiction of what a remodel truly costs and true timeline.

We all love to get inspiration from HGTV but don’t let them fool you. Labor, material and timeline will vary depending on where you live, what type of materials you choose and what the whole remodel entails. Truth be told a real kitchen remodel won’t be done in 3 days… Sorry ‘Kitchen Crashers’.

It’s important to keep in mind your budget and your needs vs wants.

When remodeling a bathroom, though a smaller room costs can add up fast! Take into consideration if your layout is changing. Are you moving plumbing around? There are a lot of materials to account for in the bathroom from bathtub, shower, plumbing fixtures, vanity, storage space, countertop, ventilation, mirrors, accessories, tile and many more.

To help you stay organized we created a 'Bathroom Remodel Checklist'

This is a great tool to use to get the wheel turning and get an idea of what you are truly looking for in style, themes and most importantly budget. It’s never a good idea to rush into a remodel. Take your time meeting with contractors. Making sure you feel completely comfortable with the person who will be in your home for weeks to months at a time depending on the scope of your project.

Consider your budget and your desires for the remodel. Don’t be afraid to postpone a project to beef up your budget so that you can have everything you want. It’s completely OK! If you want the jetted tub but it’s not in your budget right now it’s a great idea to hold off, and save for a few more weeks or months and save so that you can have everything you want. Whoever said you can’t have it all?! You should not feel pressured to settle for less! Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of waiting for example if there is a leak or some other pressing issue that needs to be resolved. But for the majority a little patience can go a long way.

This goes for a kitchen remodel as well. Consider what style will fit with your personality and the rest of your home. From ornate traditional, simple transitional, or sleek contemporary.

A great resource to use in the planning stage is our 'Kitchen Remodel Checklist' .

When designing your kitchen take into consideration the functionality of your kitchen. What will make this kitchen work best for you and your family. From storage, to prep areas how can we bring this kitchen to it’s peak functioning capabilities. Consider your budget and understand what is essential for you. It’s easy to blow your budget with accessories and many other extras. Many cabinet accessories can be added on later and are not essential to begin your project. Just like any remodel, patience is key. If you want to postpone the start so that you can increase your budget to make sure you can have the kitchen of your dreams, DO IT! Most people do not plan to remodel their kitchen or bathroom every few years. You want your remodel to last 10, 20 or more years so make sure you are completely satisfied with the choices you make.

Whether you are a DIY pro or a new homeowner while HGTV is great source of inspiration, come talk to us to get a more realistic expectation of renovation costs and timelines. Visit our showroom or call to set up a free in home consultation!


Happy Renovating
– Diane Pereira


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