Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Bring your family together with these handcrafted ovens





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Connecticut Kitchen & Bath Center is your connection to time honored traditional cooking. We import the finest quality, artisan made ovens, each hand crafted in the rural village of Northern Portugal.

Nothing brings a family and friends closer together than family style cooking. From kneading the dough, preparing the toppings and ultimate creating piping hot, wood fired pizza your way.
The flavors of naturally cooked wood fired pizza are unmistakable and the crispy base is a hallmark of our ovens where the fire is set directly on the cooking surface. The quality and freshness of expensive restaurant pizza can be yours at a fraction of the price, and a wood fired pizza is an investment which adds value well beyond the fun and memories you serve up.
Our ovens are hand made from quality natural materials to ensure the finest most authentic product. Refractory (fire) brick, a ceramic material in the oven lining is used.
Every oven has its unique character and no two ovens are alike, making your backyard as individual as you are.
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