29 July 2017

Questions to ask yourself when deciding to remodel your kitchen or, bathroom


Questions to ask yourself when deciding to remodel your Kitchen/Bathroom

When deciding to remodel a kitchen/bathroom it should not only be beautiful, it should also increase the functionality of the space.


1.) What is your budget for this project?

Less than 5500



More than 70,000

Not sure

2.) When would you like to start your project?

Within a year

Within a month

Within a week

Flexible with timing

3.) What is the purpose of the project?

Complete kitchen/bathroom remodel

Partial kitchen/bathroom remodel

New home construction or, addition

Is there a need to accommodate disabilities or, special needs

4.) Which aspects of the Kitchen/Bathroom are involved in the project?


Counter tops

Back splash



Plumbing fixtures

Storage-Pantry/Linen closet

Lighting and Electrical


Vanity (Bathroom)


Moving walls

5.) What do you like/dislike about your current Kitchen/Bathroom?For example, is there an area that you would like to change so that your space is more functional?

When it comes to a Kitchen Remodel, a Kitchen Designer can make your space more functional by:

-Organizing the space so that the range, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and disposal are within proximity to each other

-Pots, pans, spices, and cooking utensils

-Ample counter space

 How do you use your Kitchen?

-Cooking- You might want it to be set up more chef-like

-Entertaining- make sure to have plenty of seating- perhaps a large island with sufficient space around it for guests to hang out or, a larger kitchen table


-If you wish for the kitchen to be integrated with the living room, you might want to make the entryways larger, while taking into consideration how much of the kitchen you want to           have visible to other rooms

6.) What color palette do you like/dislike?





Is there something you have, or have seen, that you want to serve as your color inspiration?

 Do you have a favorite look or style that you want to create?






Old world









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