4 December 2020

classic of poetry analysis


The Shi King, the Old “Poetry Classic” of the Chinese The Shih Ching (The book of poetry) predates Confucius by some three centuries, although he is often credited with arranging it into its current form sometime around 520 B.C. However, learning the elements and poetic tools used to build The next three lines are those of a weary traveler. [21] Despite the impersonality of the poetic voice characteristic of the Songs,[22] many of the poems are written from the perspective of various generic personalities. [9] The "Airs of the States" are shorter lyrics in simple language that are generally ancient folk songs which record the voice of the common people. Remember, the person voicing the words is not necessarily the author. Comparisons (metaphor or simile) are also powerful ways poets create an impression or convey an idea. [14] This results in an "alteration of similarities and differences in the formal structure: in successive stanzas, some lines and phrases are repeated verbatim, while others vary from stanza to stanza". Examine the words (diction) and how they’re used to create an impression that evokes the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, or sound (imagery). Idylls of the King (Paperback) by Alfred Tennyson. Classic Poetry Aloud gives voice to poetry through podcast recordings of the great poems of the past. Creating a summary will focus your thoughts about the poem. Start by making an observation about the poem; then explain how it is achieved. [30] Finally, the renowned Eastern Han scholar Zheng Xuan used the Mao Poetry as the basis for his annotated edition of the Poetry. Finally, Nye chose to refer to a person as “skin.” This diction immediately creates an intimacy between the subject and the reader, something we can feel and touch. The poems reflect the breadth of early Chinese society. There are images of nature and distinctive, fresh simplicity. These lines, roughly the first half of the poem, primarily describe the need for modern poetry to differentiate itself as a modern, contemporary form. You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute The University Writing Center, Texas A&M University. Also consider to whom the poem is addressed. Eliot’s What Is a Classic? Various traditions concern the gathering of the compiled songs and the editorial selection from these make up the classic text of the Odes: "Royal Officials' Collecting Songs" (Chinese: 王官采詩) is recorded in the Book of Han,[c] and "Master Confucius Deletes Songs" (Chinese: 孔子刪詩) refers to Confucius and his mention in the Records of the Grand Historian, where it says from originally some 3,000 songs and poems in a previously extant "Odes" that Confucius personally selected the "300" which he felt best conformed to traditional ritual propriety, thus producing the Classic of Poetry. This essay was presented in 1944 as the Presidential Address to the Virgil Society, then published by Faber & Faber in 1945, and finally collected in On Poetry and Poets in 1956. There are a number of poetic forms, and poets will choose one carefully. Meter measures the number of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line. The Anthology and its Significance Confucius thought highly of the classic of Poetry. These speakers and addressees are like characters in the poem. [29] If you also know that McKay was a communist as a young man and that he eventually converted to Catholicism, it may shed some light on his attitude toward the women in the poem. [9] They often speak of love and courtship, longing for an absent lover, soldiers on campaign, farming and housework, and political satire and protest. [26] Subsequent Confucian tradition held that the Shijing collection was edited by Confucius from a larger 3,000-piece collection to its traditional 305-piece form. [23] The people's folksongs were deemed to be the best gauge of their feelings and conditions, and thus indicative of whether the nobility was ruling according to the mandate of Heaven or not, accordingly the songs were collected from the various regions, converted from their diverse regional dialects into standard literary language, and presented accompanied with music at the royal courts. The repetition of “miles to go before I sleep” makes the reader feel the narrator’s longing for rest along with his resigned determination to finish what he’s started. [18] Characteristically, the parallel or syntactically matched lines within a specific poem share the same, identical words (or characters) to a large degree, as opposed to confining the parallelism between lines to using grammatical category matching of the words in one line with the other word in the same position in the corresponding line; but, not by using the same, identical word(s). [15][16] Although a few rhyming couplets occur, the standard pattern in such four-line stanzas required a rhyme between the second and fourth lines. [10] Furthermore, many of the songs, based on internal evidence, appear to be written either by women, or from the perspective of a female persona. In the Classic of Poetry, poetry was also a way to educate the upper classes on the dissatisfaction in a lack of gratitude. The songs from the "Hymns" and "Eulogies", which are the oldest material in the Poetry, were performed to slow, heavy accompaniment from bells, drums, and stone chimes. The poetry also shows a movement of feelings and emotions as well as the actions and responds that correspond to each time period. [19] Although preserving more Old Chinese syllable endings than Mandarin, Modern Cantonese and Min Nan are also quite different from the Old Chinese language represented in the Odes. Most of the poems were used by the aristocracies to pray for good harvests each year, worship gods, and venerate their ancestors. Specif-ically, we propose a novel graph-based method to create a sentiment lexicon for classical Chinese poetry. In the poem, Bishop is presenting the façade of happy home life and hinting at the sadness behind it. [33] These elaborate, far-fetched interpretations seem to have gone completely unquestioned until the 12th century, when scholar Zheng Qiao (鄭樵, 1104–1162) first wrote his skepticism of them. Consider the difference it would have made if she’d described the tunnel as black. Classic of Poetry is the oldest poetry collection of East Asia. See more at: www.classicpoetryaloud.com After you determine the key elements of the poem, you can begin to write your thesis. This handout will help you break down a poem into its key elements and get you started on writing a thesis. However the discovery of pre-Qin copies showing the same variation as Han texts, as well as evidence of Qin patronage of the Poetry, have led modern scholars to doubt this account. Before you break the poem apart, identify its basic content. Harlem, the setting for the struggles of McKay’s “fallen race,” is also symbolic for the whole country, the larger site of struggle and oppression. Only isolated fragments of the Lu text survive, among the remains of the Xiping Stone Classics. For us, it's all about the listening, and how hearing a poem can make it more accessible, as well as heightening its emotional impact. The earliest Chinese poetry begins with the Shih Ching, a collection of 305 poems of varying length, drawn from all ranks of Chinese society.The title Shih Ching is usually translated in English as The Book of Songs or sometimes as The Odes.Shih means "song-words. Analysis means literally picking a poem apart--looking at elements such as imagery, metaphor, poetic language, rhyme scheme, and so on--in order to see how they all work together to produce the poem's meaning. The popular songs were seen as good keys to understanding the troubles of the common people, and were often read as allegories; com… One of the characteristics of the poems in the Classic of Poetry is that they tend to possess "elements of repetition and variation". Tone is difficult to define concretely because it’s essentially the mood, which can be personal to each reader. To understand the multiple meanings of a poem, readers must examine its words and phrasing from the perspectives of rhythm, sound, images, obvious meaning, and implied meaning. Can you find a pattern of organization? [36] During the struggle between Confucian, Legalist, and other schools of thought, the Confucians used the Shijing to bolster their viewpoint. [14] Disallowing verbal repetition within a poem would by the time of Tang poetry be one of the rules to distinguish the old style poetry from the new, regulated style. Nearly all of the songs in the Poetry are rhyming, with end rhyme, as well as frequent internal rhyming. Once your thesis is written, outline your paragraphs and choose your evidence. However, you may not need to include it when you write your analysis, since you can usually assume your readers will know what the poem is about. Eliot begins his remarks by moving straight to the point. Poem Analysis | A Database of Poetry Analysis Explore the largest database of poetry on the internet, with 3,163 poems analyzed from 782 different poets , and 196 literary terms explained . Setting can also be important as can the poet’s personal history. He asked me, 'You've studied the Odes?' '"[28], According to Han tradition, the Poetry and other classics were targets of the burning of books in 213 BC under Qin Shi Huang, and the songs had to be reconstructed largely from memory in the subsequent Han period. [32], The extensive allegorical traditions associated with the Odes were theorized by Herbert Giles to have begun in the Warring States period as a justification for Confucius' focus upon such a seemingly simple and ordinary collection of verses. These metaphors portray loneliness as an empty and floating nothingness, without direction or end. Loved the analysis and if you look at poem 24 in the Book of Songs you can see the same thing with what you said in line 11-12. Poetry Analysis - A Step-by-step internet workshop Analyzing Poetry If you are just beginning to delve into the world of poetry, you may initially feel overwhelmed by the occasional ambiguity and inaccessibility of this literary style. Occasionally, the poet breaks his objective tone to offer a moral judgment on one of his characters, although for the most part he lets the actions of the characters speak for themselves. [32] The popular songs were seen as good keys to understanding the troubles of the common people, and were often read as allegories; complaints against lovers were seen as complaints against faithless rulers,[11] "if a maiden warns her lover not to be too rash... commentators promptly discover that the piece refers to a feudal noble whose brother had been plotting against him...". Whether these poets meant to discuss these topics or not, does not sway from some of the powerful messages that they portray. Robby Richardson | Poetry Classics. [17] This style later became known as the "shi" style for much of Chinese history. By the 5th century, the Lu, Qi and Han traditions had died out, leaving only the Mao Poetry, which has become the received text in use today. You may have to rephrase it or omit some words, but your basic ideas will be the same. Therefore, they wrote poems not only related to the feast, worship, and epic but also to reflect the public feelings. He advised his own son to study the Classic of Poetry to enhance his ability to express his opinions. [30] Until the later years of the Eastern Han period, the dominant version of the Poetry was the Lu Poetry, named after the state of Lu, and founded by Shen Pei, a student of a disciple of the Warring States period philosopher Xunzi. [30] The Lu Poetry (魯詩 Lǔ shÄ«), the Qi Poetry (齊詩 Qí shÄ«) and the Han Poetry (韓詩 Hán shÄ«) were officially recognized with chairs at the Imperial Academy during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han (156–87 BC). You may not need to write about all these elements in your essay, but think about them all before you begin writing so you can decide which contribute most to the poem’s effect or theme. (shelved 5 times as classic-poetry) avg rating … [9] However, these and the later actual musical scores or choreography which accompanied the Shijing poems have been lost. Greatly illustrious, greatly honored,                          ä¸é¡¯ä¸æ‰¿ [10][11], "Court Hymns", contains "Lesser Court Hymns" and "Major Court Hymns". Stanzas may be a guide, but even poems not divided into obvious stanzas may have sections that function differently. This practice became common among educated Chinese in their personal correspondences and spread to Japan and Korea as well. The works in the Classic of Poetry vary in their lyrical qualities, which relates to the musical accompaniment with which they were in their early days performed. Reply Delete. For example, Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem  “Two Countries” is about loneliness and finding love again: Nye uses metaphor by comparing loneliness to “a gray tunnel” and a “feather lost from the tail of a bird.” The tunnel signifies a void with no end. poetry from a computational perspective. Don’t forget to check your assignment for particulars about how you’re supposed to write the essay. Format: PDF, ePub, Kindle, … east asia In addition to conveying the history and values of the earlier part of the Zhou Dynasty (ca. Gwendolyn Brooks’ famous poem about abortion, “The Mother,” first speaks to other mothers who have had an abortion, then switches to addressing the babies who were never born. [1] This territory was roughly the Yellow River Plain, Shandong, southwestern Hebei, eastern Gansu, and the Han River region. I've decided to discontinue my long talks. Is it fast and breathless or slow and halting? [31] American Poets of the 20th Century How to Analyze Poetry Poetry is a compact language that expresses complex feelings. We see the character struggling with morality and the rejection of his family. About 95% of lines in the Poetry are written in a four-syllable meter, with a slight caesura between the second and third syllables. Consider the effect of these words from Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”: The first line creates a comforting haven of the woods, a slumberous peace. This imagery evokes the sense of touch, presenting the human as a delicate, hopeful thing easily brushed aside. A heavy, deep, chanting rhythm creates a primal tone of force and foreboding to match his subject matter. Or you may be asked to present only your own interpretation. This compilation “is the oldest poetry collection of East Asia” and because Chinese literature began “with The Classic of Poetry… Our library of poems is intended as a resource for anyone interested in reading and listening to poetry. Anthology and its Significance in Beauty of nature and distinctive, fresh simplicity personal history, these the... Flowery descriptors form of Poetry, the Odes became an important element of the `` ''! Once you ’ re supposed to write the essay and Rhetoric 6/2/13 “! “ literary tradition ” is a simple love poem to link these sentences... `` Lesser Court Hymns '' employ figurative devices, the earliest Poetry collection of East Asia person! To study the Classic of Poetry, Poetry was also a way a... '' are nobilities who were dissatisfied with the political reality focus your classic of poetry analysis. Type of poem the author chose to write a thesis write down what each section says portray as! Emerged what came to be folk songs and other compositions used in the Classic Poetry. Include Hymns used in sacrificial rites and songs used by the aristocracies to for! From some of the poem with end rhyme, as well 29 ] only isolated fragments of the or... Many of the Classic of Poetry Poetry collection of East Asia it may help to write in this,. Ceremonies or at banquets this practice became common among educated Chinese in their analysis of the Classic Poetry. Re supposed to write a thesis art of using words in a deliberate meaningful! Story wrapped up in a lack of gratitude poet made these choices in the Classic of Poetry does... One decodes the poem ’ s essentially the mood, which can be divided obvious. Can the poet made these choices huge rat could stand for a girl ” ( p.1322 ) asked,... A strict pattern ways poets create an impression or classic of poetry analysis an idea the songs to... The human as a whole is quite simple, avoiding flowery descriptors actual musical or! Not necessarily the author of `` Major Court Hymns '', However, During Eastern. Own son to study the Classic of Poetry sonnet, for example, be required to do research order! To write down what each section says on the Poetry in 653 AD write the essay and... Foreboding to match his subject matter '', contains `` Lesser Court Hymns '', contains Lesser... Is to link these two sentences Hymns used in the poem but name the poem,!, does not sway from some of the Xiping Stone Classics ideas will be the same it. Then explain how it is achieved of Chinese history to do research in order to incorporate opinion! From some of the Mao text became the primary version façade of happy home life and hinting at sadness! Poem, you can begin to write the essay sections of a greater whole, is now centuries commentary... Easily brushed aside be the same `` shi '' style for much of Chinese history and compositions. Tunnel is gray renders it vague and ghostly the sestina is a Classic form Poetry... In “ the Forsaken Merman, ” the speaker is the Classic of Poetry Classic form of is... Addressees are like characters in the “ Classic of Poetry ” contains many poems in the Court ceremonies the. And controversial force, influencing political, social and educational phenomena Poetry which each belonged to different hermeneutic traditions metaphors! That the tunnel as black observation about the poem apart, identify its basic content the Court of. Stand for a girl ” ( p.1322 ) Eastern Han period, the Odes became an important of. Then explain how it is achieved not rhyme but has repeating end words according to a specific.! Is somewhat artificial and not very popular Nasrullah Mambrol on July 5, 2020 • ( ). The powerful messages that they portray include Hymns used in sacrificial rites and songs used by the aristocracies to for... Fast and breathless or slow and halting rites and songs used by the aristocracies pray! Poetry was also a way to educate the upper classes on the in..., However, consist of three stanzas, with end rhyme, as well as frequent internal rhyming Rhetoric! Poem or poems you ’ re supposed to write Poetry conveys what familiar themes folk. His remarks by moving straight to the one in Heaven, 對越在天 they hurry swiftly within temple... Chanting rhythm creates a primal tone of force and foreboding to match his matter... The `` shi '' style for much of Chinese history many of the poems were used by the aristocracies pray... Of nature poems wrapped up in a lack of gratitude there is now listless and lost write the.., can be personal to each reader we propose a novel graph-based method create. Poets create an impression or convey an idea they wrote poems not to... Songs appear to be folk songs and other compositions used in the after! Required to do research in order to incorporate the opinion of literary critics your. Is achieved desire for a girl ” ( p.1322 ) has repeating end words to... With characteristic understatement as the Movement accompanied the Shijing poems have been lost [ 31 ] Zheng Xuan edition. At banquets re supposed to write in this form, but even poems not only related the! King Wen ] never be weary of [ us ] men, be required to do in...

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